The Max Power Trio

Jesse's launches "The Max Power Trio", formed in college in Athens, Ohio. This band was created from a large influence of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.  Jesse is the principal songwriter and leader of the band.  Other members include Marc Subel on bass, and Luke Fannin on drums.  Built in the style of the power trios of the 60's, Hendrix, Cream, Mountain, The Max Power Trio keeps the American blues influence strong playing a Fender Stratocaster and using tube amplification.    Added to that sound, are melodies and influences reminiscent of reggae's first, second, and third wave.  "Godsent" is the first song written by Jesse and is about religious extremism in the face of growing political tensions between the Western and Islamic worlds prior to Sept 11 and the strategic sabotoge of the twin towers in New York.