City Girl

Fall 2018 - Jesse wrote this song about a love affair with a woman who shares an idyllic country life with him, and then ultimately runs off to pursue high rise living in the big city.  Silly city girl.  we…


Under African Skies

A beautiful song written by Paul Simon, performed here by:

Jesse Michael Barr: Guitar & Vocals
Emily Syring: Vocals
Chase Potter: Lead Guitar
Jeff Bass: Bass


The Long Run

Live from the Rumba Cafe, Columbus, Ohio.  "The Longrun" written by Jesse Michael Barr.  Performed live by:
Jesse Michael Barr: Guitars & Vocals
Emily Syring: Vocals
Jon Weisbrot: Sax
Jon Allen: Bass
Justin Campbell: Drums

Around The World - Second Solo Album


1.  Bouteflika
2.  New Orleans Today
3.  Carolina Birdsong
4.  Lifetime In a Day
5.  Mr. Jones
6.  Jack Beach
7.  A Daydream In Amsterdam
8.  Ohio City Bedroom
9.  A Brighter Day

Listen Here

Jesse releases second solo album…


Yoga To Live Music

Jesse performs live music to yoga classes all around the US.  As a practicing yogi, Jesse has developed a unique routine that coordinates musical loops with synchronized breath cycles to help students fall into a meditative state and achieve deeper…


The Middle Rats

Jesse joined forces with 3 other lead singers and songwriters to create an album called The Middle Rats.  In the dead of winter, Jesse set out into a wooden cabin in the secluded Hocking Hills to record a set of…