City Girl 

Fall 2018 - Jesse wrote this song about a love affair with a woman who shares an idyllic country life with him, and then ultimately runs off to pursue high rise living in the big city.  Silly city girl.  we had it all

Under African Skies 

A beautiful song written by Paul Simon, performed here by:

Jesse Michael Barr: Guitar & Vocals
Emily Syring: Vocals
Chase Potter: Lead Guitar
Jeff Bass: Bass

The Long Run 

Live from the Rumba Cafe, Columbus, Ohio.  "The Longrun" written by Jesse Michael Barr.  Performed live by:
Jesse Michael Barr: Guitars & Vocals
Emily Syring: Vocals
Jon Weisbrot: Sax
Jon Allen: Bass
Justin Campbell: Drums

Around The World - Second Solo Album 


1.  Bouteflika
2.  New Orleans Today
3.  Carolina Birdsong
4.  Lifetime In a Day
5.  Mr. Jones
6.  Jack Beach
7.  A Daydream In Amsterdam
8.  Ohio City Bedroom
9.  A Brighter Day

Listen Here

Jesse releases second solo album featuring songs written about all the places traveled.  From California to Amsterdam.  Fierce blazing drumbeats.  Psychedelic guitars.   Reggae sounds. 

Yoga To Live Music 

Jesse performs live music to yoga classes all around the US.  As a practicing yogi, Jesse has developed a unique routine that coordinates musical loops with synchronized breath cycles to help students fall into a meditative state and achieve deeper stretch.  His class involves 2 cycle and 4 cycle movements coordinated to music.  Over the years, Jesse has discovered many ways in which music and yoga are related.

The Middle Rats 

Jesse joined forces with 3 other lead singers and songwriters to create an album called The Middle Rats.  In the dead of winter, Jesse set out into a wooden cabin in the secluded Hocking Hills to record a set of original songs.  

SoHud Music Collective 

Fundamental to the growing Columbus music scene, was the development of the "Sohud Music Collective".  This was a union of 4 of the biggest bands in the city, and the development of an annual festival that would celebrate the local culture in a growing city.  This song features many of the city's finest musical spirits in one big show. 

Jesse Micael Barr:  Vocals & Guitar 
Marc Subel:  Bass 
Sara D:  Vocals 
Steph Rogers: Vocals 
Jeffro Jams: Vibes 
Mike James: Guitar 
Steve Kortyka: Sax 
Evan Oberal: Trombone 
Jason Branscum: Trombone 
Mike Twice: Drums

The Max Power Trio 

Jesse's launches "The Max Power Trio", formed in college in Athens, Ohio. This band was created from a large influence of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.  Jesse is the principal songwriter and leader of the band.  Other members include Marc Subel on bass, and Luke Fannin on drums.  Built in the style of the power trios of the 60's, Hendrix, Cream, Mountain, The Max Power Trio keeps the American blues influence strong playing a Fender Stratocaster and using tube amplification.    Added to that sound, are melodies and influences reminiscent of reggae's first, second, and third wave.  "Godsent" is the first song written by Jesse and is about religious extremism in the face of growing political tensions between the Western and Islamic worlds prior to Sept 11 and the strategic sabotoge of the twin towers in New York.