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  1. Carolina Birdsong


To the coast...To the sea
They'll make me breakfast
They'll make me tea

And what is life but a search for satisfaction
I'm looking out below for some place to be
And all I've got is this Carolina birdsong
It just came to me as I was stuck up in a tree

Fly on with dark clouds close behind
They take away the sunshine
And I know someday they'll take my body away
But they can't take away the melody


And what is love but a cursory selection
A magical proximity
And what is lust but a chemical erection
It was gravity that pulled me into the tree
where something inside of you wanted
everything to do with me

I'll fly on to the sea...to the coast
She'll make me breakfast
She'll make me toast
I'll fly on to the coast...to the sea
She'll make me breakfast
She'll make me tea